Great Spider Wood Aquascape Ornament

Great Spider Wood Aquascape Ornament Ideas – My Top 5 Picks

Are you an avid spider lover or an exotic pet lover looking to raise your spider friend in captivity? Then getting a suitable terrarium will be a great place to start. But if you don’t have that extra bucks to spend on a decent spider home, then you’ll probably fancy the idea of building one yourself, and that’s where things get interesting.

Building a suitable spider terrarium will involve getting the right materials. From a glass tank to a good spider wood aquascape to other unique props that give our leaper friends the ultimate wildlife experience, you have to put everything in place, so your spider friend feels at home.

While getting a good glass tank should be top of your list when setting up a terrarium tank for your jumping spider, you also want to make sure you get a superb spider wood aquascape to go with it.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about spider wood aquascape.

Top 5 Spider Wood Ornaments

Now that you know so much about spider wood aquascape and what it is used for, it’s time to take you through our list of the best spider wood aquascape on the market currently. Our list of top 5 aquascapes will make your job easy when shopping for something you can use within your spider friend’s enclosure.

PIVBY Natural Aquarium Driftwood

Made of high-grade driftwood, the PIVBY Natural Aquarium Driftwood is a must-have for any exotic pet lover looking to build a solid terrarium for their spider friend. Unlike other options on the market, this spider wood is reliable and durable. We particularly love the fact that this wood is long-lasting in arid or underwater environments.

As an authentic natural wood, we love that this wood adds some realistic and aesthetic value to your terrarium tank. Featuring three pieces of carefully handpicked driftwood, all in varying sizes and lengths, you have just what you need to add some glam to your spider’s enclosure. Being lightweight and featuring multiple sturdy branches, jumping spiders, snakes, and other reptiles will enjoy climbing up and down this driftwood.

And if you like to be creative with your spider friend’s enclosure, you’ll love the fact that this driftwood can be used to create a moss tree. It is also perfect for home garden landscape design. With PIVBY Natural Aquarium Driftwood, your spider enclosure is bound to become the envy of other spider lovers. And when you aren’t using this wood for your spider enclosure, you can fit it in other reptile enclosures.

Spiders, snakes, ghost shrimps, nocturnal fish, and other smaller fish love driftwood for the shelter and hiding spot they provide.


  • Great for terrariums, aquariums, and other reptile enclosure
  • Durable and practical
  • Adds some glam to your spider enclosure.


  • No warranty with this product
  • This driftwood is a little bulky.

Tfwadmx 5PCS Aquarium Driftwood Branches

Are you on the market for an all-natural spider wood aquascape? Then look no further than the all amazing Tfwadmx 5pcs Aquarium Drift. Made entirely from natural wood, this product contains no harmful chemicals. This makes it safe for all pets, including spiders, fish fry, shrimps, hermit crabs, and other reptiles.

If what you want is driftwood that adds some focal point to your spider enclosure, then this is the one for you. Interestingly, jumping spiders, ghost shrimp, nocturnal fish, and other reptiles love this driftwood for the shelter and hiding spots it provides.

Because this driftwood is lightweight and features sturdy branches, it will be perfect for your spider friend’s enclosure as they love to climb. And when not used within your spider enclosure, it can also be used on mossy trees in fish tanks.

If you want to add some glam to your home garden landscape design, you’ll love the aesthetics that this driftwood offers. This authentic natural driftwood will add some real beauty and shape to your spider’s terrarium tank.

Note: Even though each piece is carefully selected, the width and length may vary. But we doubt if that will be a problem.


  • Designed to add some exceptional detail to your jumping spider enclosure
  • It Will also make an excellent fit for aquariums and other reptile enclosures.
  • Thanks to its branchy design, this driftwood provides enough space for your spiders to roam and climb.


  • It can be a little bulky.
  • No warranty

emours Natural Driftwood Vine Branches 4 pieces

If you’re looking for natural driftwood that fits right into your spider’s terrarium, then you’ll love the all amazing emours Natural Driftwood. Designed with exceptional branches, your spider friend has more than enough spots to climb and roam around. We love the fact that this mini-sized driftwood has been nicely polished. This means you can add it right into your terrarium without wasting any more time.

And because the driftwood is lightweight and features multiple sturdy branches, it will not only add some glam to your terrarium but also provide numerous branches for your spider friend to climb.

When not included in a terrarium, this driftwood can be used to create a moss tree in a fish tank or included in your home garden landscape to switch things up. Yes, there are many spider wood aquascapes on the market, but if you want something practical and versatile, you won’t go wrong to give emours Natural Driftwood a try.


  • Thanks to its versatile design, you can place this driftwood within spider enclosures, aquariums, and other reptile tanks.
  • It’s sturdy and durable.
  • Wild some aesthetics to your spider enclosure


  • Though it appears lightweight, it is somewhat sturdy
  • No warranty

5Pcs Driftwood Branches Aquarium Wood

Do you want to give your jumping spider friend the natural habitat it deserves? Then getting this 5pcs Driftwood Branches is a great choice. While this Hamildeyi Driftwood is beautiful and will add some unique touch to your spider enclosure, it will also make any climbing reptile or amphibian feel at home.

For exotic pet owners, this driftwood is a must-have, and that’s because each distinct piece is nicely polished and will make an excellent terrarium tank addition for snakes, chameleons, iguanas, and other terrestrial amphibians. Thanks to its lightweight design, this driftwood for spider tanks will make a fine decoration and provide multiple branches for your spider to climb.


  • Made from natural wood and exclusively designed to fit in your spider enclosure, aquarium tanks, and other reptile enclosure
  • Lightweight and sturdy design
  • It is solid and durable.


  • No warranty
  • It can be a little bulky.

Aquarium Driftwood Natural Wood Reptile Branch

This aquarium driftwood is an excellent choice for exotic pet owners who want to add some unique touch to their jumping spider enclosure. Made from all-natural wood, this driftwood will sure add some natural beauty to your pet’s tank.

We love the fact that this wood is not just made of high-grade driftwood; it is also durable and long-lasting. Whether placed in arid or underwater environments, this driftwood will hold up just fine. As an authentic natural wood, this driftwood will make a fine addition to your garden. Plus, you can also tie some moss on it to give your aquarium a more natural look.


  • Made from all-natural wood
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • Its versatile design means you can use it in your terrarium, aquarium, or within other reptile enclosures.


  • No warranty
  • It is a little heavy

Spider wood aquascape: What is it?

Spider wood aquascape is a unique type of wood that is used in the aquarium space. Giving its unique characteristics, including multiple branches protruding from the main body, it’s easy to see why it is rightly called the spider wood. And because it also resembles a tree, it’s not surprising why it is popular for Bonsai aquascape.

Even though spider wood is essential for building aquariums, this fantastic tool has become a must-have material when building spider terrariums. Spider wood’s branchy characteristics provide not just hiding spots for fish and shrimp but also provides climbing spots for spiders, snakes, and plants like anubias and bucephalandra.

But before you jump on any spider wood deal you come across; please keep in mind that this type of wood will not sink immediately. Plus, they need to be weighted for nearly a week until they are fully saturated.

Another cool thing is that spider wood releases much lesser tannings when compared to Malaysian and Mopani driftwood. This explains why they are super popular among aquarium and terrarium builders.

For aquarium builders, keep in mind that when spider woods are submerged in water, there is every likelihood that you’ll notice some white biofilm, but don’t freak out as the biofilm isn’t harmful. Plus, it will likely get eaten by snails, some fish, and all shrimps. Let us also add that some types of plecos like to eat spider woods because this type of wood is soft compared to other driftwood types.

What is spider wood used for?

Spider Wood has a variety of uses, and for people looking to build their very own aquarium or terrarium, spider wood is a must-have. To start with, this type of driftwood is commonly used as substrate or hardscape for aquariums, vivarium plants, and terrarium tanks for spiders and other animals. Even though other options are available on the market, spider wood is quite popular because it tends to last longer. Not just that, the wood can also be sandblasted to get rid of dirt and debris.

When used in aquariums or terrariums, this wood will remain intact for many years before showing any signs of decaying. And as spider wood begins to deteriorate, it forms a type of biofilm along the surface. Fortunately, this biofilm isn’t harmful. And because it contains healthy nutrients, it’s easy to see why shrimps and many other aquatic animals readily feed on it.

In terrariums and other land portions of paludarium, this brilliant wood will fit right away even as it continues to age, resulting in a settled look. Birds, jumping spiders, and other amphibians take advantage of spider wood’s branchy nature to stand or climb to higher positions within their enclosure.

Why spider wood is such a big deal

There are many reasons to love spider wood. For starters, spider wood makes for an impressive driftwood decoration piece for all jumping spider owners. And we like the fact that this wood doesn’t pose any danger, especially when compared to the potential risks of other harder woods out there.

This type of wood’s exotic look will also add more detail to any enclosure it is placed in. And because spider wood holds up for a relatively long time before they decay, it’s easy to understand why it is the number one choice for people looking to build a decent terrarium for their spider friend.

Additionally, the low levels of tannin released by spider wood can be easily maintained with pre-soaking and water changes, especially if you’re building an aquarium. With spider wood included in your furry friend’s enclosure, your jumping spider has a safe space to breed, hide and eat. And because this type of driftwood is non-toxic, it is super safe for all kinds of inhabitants.

The biggest drawback of using spider wood is its buoyancy. And this is only an issue when building aquariums. So if you’re just making a spider enclosure, you’ll just be fine.

Frequently asked questions

Does Spider Wood sink?

To be upfront with you, almost all spider wood will float when placed in water. And just so you know, it will take some time to sink completely, so you may need to exercise some patience. And if you can’t wait, you can just push it in to speed up the process.

Does Spider Wood release tannins?

Even though spider wood releases tannins, the amount of tannins it releases is much less than what you’ll get with Mopani and Malaysian driftwood.

Is Spider Wood suitable for aquariums?

If you’ve got fish then spider wood is excellent for both terrariums and aquariums. This fantastic and versatile wood will make a fine addition to your spider enclosure as it will add some aesthetics and provide your spider friend with enough branches to climb and roam around.