About Us

JumpingSpider.net is an independent enthusiast resource for keeping Jumping Spiders as pets.

The Phids species are small and cute with their furry bodies, big cartoon-like eyes and their friendly personality make them the perfect pet.

The species we define as pets are none poisonous to own, so be rest assured you are in the right place to learn more on how you can find the perfect 8 legged friend for a pet.

What we talk about?

  • Different jumping spider species
  • Feeding tips and tricks
  • Jumping spider care and keeping
  • Enclosures and substrate 
  • Product reviews that are necessary for keeping jumping spiders
  • How to purchase a jumping spider or where to find them
  • And general fun facts

Stick around and join our community here and meet other people who love jumping spiders as much as we do.