exo terra nano tall enclosure review

Exo Terra Nano Tall Review – Is It Worth It?

Are you looking for a safe and nicely built enclosure you can use to raise your jumping spider pet? Well, you’re in luck today as we have found a really decent spider enclosure that gets the job done. And guess what, you don’t have to break the bank to get this excellent enclosure for your fuzzy friend. It was also included in the best small spider enclosures article.

The best part is that it comes with all the specs you’re looking for. Read on to find out why tons of pet owners love the Exo Terra Nano Tall terrarium.

What is Exo Terra Nano Tall?

The Exo Terra Nano Tall tank is the perfect enclosure for reptiles, spiders, and other amphibians. This unique pet housing was designed by European herpetologists and has become the go-to enclosure for pet owners looking to house pets like jumping spiders.

The fact that this housing comes with lots of exceptional features needed to raise a healthy and happy jumping spider makes it a must-have. To start with, the Exo Terra Nano enclosure comes with a uniquely designed front opening door that allows for easy access, maintenance, and feeding.

And to keep your leaper friend safe, this stylish enclosure is fitted with a specially designed lock system that prevents your pet from escaping.

When it comes to getting the perfect spider enclosure, you’ll need to get housing that offers a lot of ventilation and guess what, the Exo Terra Nano Tall tank doesn’t fall short in this regard. Thanks to its full-screen top ventilation, which allows infrared and UVB penetration, this enclosure has everything needed for your spider friend to survive and thrive.

Let us also add that the full-screen top ventilation can be completely removed to get unhinged access to clean and decorate the enclosure.

And just at the back of the screen cover, you have five closable wire and tube inlets installed on both sides of the enclosure. This is designed to allow users to easily install waterfalls, sensors, heatwave rocks, and more inside the terrarium.

Other things we love about the Exo Terra Nano Tall

Besides all of the exciting details we have highlighted above, there are other fantastic specs we have also come to love about this enclosure.

First, this terrarium features a bottom plate that is uniquely raised to allow users to mount a substrate heater.

The extra high fixed window is also perfect for installing thick layers of substrates, aquatic parts, or an Exo Terra substrate reptile den.

With a natural background and additional decoration items like waterfalls, water dishes, and heatwave rocks included, you can give your jumping spider enclosure a unique and befitting look.

What animals can fit in an Exo Terra Nano Tall?

Not everyone has enough space in their home to house exotic pets like jumping spiders. And that can be a no-no for exotic pets like reptiles, amphibians, jumping spiders, and others that like to roam around freely.

With this Exo Terra Nano Tall enclosure becoming very popular these days, you have the perfect pen to house your exotic pets.

Now the big question is what animals can perfectly fit and thrive in an Exo Terra Nano Tall tank? Read on as we have put together a list of animals that do very well in this beautiful enclosure.

Jumping spiders

Jumping spiders come in different sizes and are super active. But guess what, they can be housed in this Exo Terra Nano Tall housing. And thanks to all the fantastic substrates and décor items that come with this enclosure, your fuzzy friend has more than enough space to roam around, climb or burrow.

And because this beautiful enclosure comes with unique doors and windows, you can quickly gain access in and out of the terrarium without a hassle.

Dart frogs

Another exotic pet that thrives very well in this Exo Terra Nano enclosure is the dart frog. Measuring about 0.5 to 2.5 inches in length, this unique animal can be housed in this brilliant enclosure.

While dart frogs are commonly referred to as poison dart frogs, the ones you get from an exotic pet shop are not venomous and are safe to handle.

Another exciting thing about the dart frog is that it gets its poisonous feature from the diet it feeds on in the wild. And since they aren’t fed these types of food in captivity, you have nothing to worry about.


When it comes to exotic pets, beetles aren’t always the number one choice. That said, some species like the Blue Death Feigning are very popular and thrive very well in a Nano terrarium habitat. Also, their size makes them the ideal candidates to house in this pet enclosure.

Tree frogs

Just like jumping spiders and beetles, tree frogs have several species. While some species are too active to be kept in a Nano terrarium habitat, some species will thrive very well in small spaces.

Here are some types of tree frogs that can be housed using the Exo Terra Nano tall enclosure.

  • Green tree frog
  • Tiger leg tree frog
  • Red-eye tree frog

Because tree frogs like to climb, they will love the Exo Terra Nano Tall housing as it provides enough space for tree frogs to roam around.

Although tree frogs can be raised in groups, we suggest that you don’t house multiple species in a single terrarium habitat as they would need a bigger space to bloom.

is exo terra enclosure good

Top benefits of the Exo Terra Nano Tall

Finding a decent enclosure for your jumping spider friend can be super tricky, especially with the myriad of options available on the market today. That said, the Exo Terra Nano Tall tank has proven to be an exciting product and for good reasons too. Here, check out some compelling benefits of having the Exo Terra Nano Tall enclosure.

Keeps your pet safe: When shopping for an enclosure for your exotic pet, one of the things that always come to mind is safety. Thankfully with the Exo Terra Nano Tall terrarium habitat, you have nothing to worry about as it comes with special features that are designed to keep your spider safe. Its specially designed lock system will prevent your pet from escaping while ensuring that it remains secure within the enclosure.

Easy to access: This terrarium features a brilliant front door that grants users easy access in and out of the habitat. This allows for easy maintenance and feeding. With other terrarium habitats, cleaning and feeding your pet isn’t so easy. So, if you’re looking for a terrarium habitat that makes your job easy, you’ll not be disappointed to give the Exo Terra Nano Tall housing a try.

Provides enough ventilation: Besides safety, another thing users’ lookout for when shopping for a reliable terrarium habitat for their spider friend is ventilation. With the Exo Terra Nano terrarium, you’re in luck as it comes with a full-screen top that allows for maximum ventilation. Also, this full-screen top can be completely removed to gain easy access while cleaning or decorating.

Closable inlets: To give your pet’s habitat a befitting look, this enclosure for jumping spiders features five closable wires or tube inlets on both sides of the terrarium habitat. With this, you can easily install waterfalls, heatwave rocks, and sensors inside the housing.

It makes cleaning less of a chore: Besides ensuring that your fuzzy friend has a comfy home, you’ll also have to ensure that their habitat stays clean all the time. Thanks to the full-screen top ventilation and front opening doors that come with this tank, you can easily gain access in and out of this habitat and ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned.

Pros and cons of Exo Terra Nano tall

There are many things to love about the Exo Terra Nano Tall enclosure. From its impressive design to its superior build, this pet house has everything you want to see in a terrarium. That said, there are some not so cool things about this terrarium habitat you should also know.

Here, see some pros and cons of the Exo Terra Nano Tall pet housing.


  • Thanks to its removable top, this enclosure is very easy to clean and decorate
  • This enclosure guarantees your spider’s safety. And because its front doors are secure and tight, your animal can’t escape the terrarium.
  • Its natural-looking background brings with it the comfort of the natural habitat. This makes your animal feel at home.
  • Its patented windows are specially designed to provide your animals with sufficient ventilation.
  • Fitted with a special waterproof depth, your pet can easily substrate and bury themselves.
  • We love the fact that this terrarium is super spacious. Thanks to this, your animals can roam around freely without any hassle. Plus, its spacious design makes it easy to clean.


  • No thanks to its weight, this terrarium can’t be moved around easily.
  • The decoration wall comes in such a way that your animal can hide out of sight.

How much does the Exo Terra Nano Tall Terrarium cost?

Like we mentioned earlier, getting a terrarium tank for your spider friend doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. And guess what, with the Exo Terra Nano box, you only have to spend a fraction of what you’d spend on other terrarium housing on the market.

While the price varies from one online store to the next, on Amazon, for instance, this product costs only $59.99.

For people who don’t want to break the bank to get the perfect housing for their animals, you’ll not be disappointed to give the Exo Terra Nano Tall housing a try.

Is it worth it?

People who bought this Exo Terra Nano terrarium have lots of fantastic things to say about it. To start with, they loved the quality and solid design of the product.

And even though it is designed to house many animals, this terrarium habitat is perfect for keeping jumping spiders. So, if you have always wanted something unique for your spider friend, this is the one for you.

Besides its impeccable design, users have also praised the swing door and lock system that comes with this pet housing.

In terms of maintenance and safety, you have nothing to worry about, as this pet enclosure has everything needed to keep your fuzzy friend safe at all times.

And if you’ve been wondering whether it’s worth it to invest in this terrarium tank for your animals, the answer is a resounding yes. Also, we love the fact that it comes with a warranty. So, should you not like the product after purchasing, you can simply have it returned for a full refund with no questions asked.

Frequently asked question

What can I put in a 12x12x12 Exo Terra?

Are you wondering what you can put in a terrarium of this size? Well, it’s simple. Exotic animals like scorpions, tarantulas or our muched loved jumping spider will thrive very well in a terrarium of this size.

However, if you think you need something bigger, you can check out the Exo Terra Nano Tall tank as it provides more space and ventilation.

Can you stack two Exo Terra Tanks?

If you have more than one animal but have limited space in your home to keep them, you can order two Exo Terra tanks and mount them on each other. This way, you have more than enough space to house and feed your exotic animal friend.

How many animals can fit into one Exo Terra Tank?

Ideally, exotic pets like jumping spiders should not be kept together in one Exo Terra tank. That’s because they are vicious and can fight to the death. Giving this analogy, it will be wise to only house one animal at a time in a terrarium habitat.

That said, some species of tree frogs can be raised together in a large Exo Terra tank, and that’s because tree frogs are a lot more social than other exotic pets.


The Exo Terra Nano Tall enclosure has a lot of things going for it. From its unique design to its affordable price and ample space, this enclosure has everything needed for your spider friend to thrive. Get one today, and you’ll not be disappointed you did.