Are jumping Spiders Friendly

Are jumping Spiders Friendly – Question Answered

The truth is spiders are not for everyone. Some people simply don’t like them and think these creatures are creepy. Others wouldn’t mind catching and interacting with these tiny creatures. As a matter of fact, there are people who would keep spiders as pets. If that’s the case, jumping spiders are usually a good choice.

Jumping spiders are more common than you think and they have a reputation for being excellent hoppers. These spiders can potentially leap a distance that’s several times the length of their bodies. This is actually where they get their name ‘jumping spiders’.

Despite the perception people have always had about spiders, more often than not they are harmless. Jumping spiders are not considered a danger to humans. In fact, they prefer to run away from people than attack. That being said, perhaps you have been thinking of getting a jumping spider for a pet.

But jumping spiders are quite big in size compared to other spider types and they can seem intimidating. Is it a good idea to get close to a jumping spider? Are jumping spiders friendly? It’s important to know all this especially when you’re thinking of looking into pet spiders.

The stereotype of jumping spiders

Like I said earlier, not everyone likes spiders and they are widely considered to be pests. There are people who will encounter a jumping spider and they immediately squirm in fear. Jumping spiders instil fear mainly because of their sudden movements and the fact that you don’t know where they would jump to next or land. It’s just the fear of the unknown since these spiders are unpredictable in their movements.

If you have encountered jumping spiders in your garden, no doubt they have often received the blame for any bite you got while there. Many people believe jumping spiders are no good and all they do is bite or cause trouble. For so long, humans have generally categorized jumping spiders as repulsive creatures that are a nuisance and a pest. In the real sense, many of these creatures are absolutely harmless and not as bad as we think of them.

The stereotype of jumping spiders is that they are not only creepy but also poisonous. This is the reason why people avoid them at all costs and don’t want any physical contact with them.

People think that the jumping spiders would spontaneously bite them and inflict intense pain. While it’s natural to fear spiders, they are unlikely to cause you harm. For one thing, the jumping spiders would rather flee from humans than attack. Secondly, it’s true they are equipped with fangs and venom but this is for the prey they kill. They are too tiny to harm us and the venom they carry is basically not a medical threat. You have nothing to worry about.

The only time a jumping spider is likely to bite you is when it feels threatened or cornered. This is the only way for them to defend themselves. That said, most of the time their bite is not poisonous. This is unless you have some kind of allergies. The venom is too weak to cause complications in a human. Remember, their source of food is mainly small insects they can comfortably fit into their mouth.

Are jumping spiders friendly to humans?

More and more people have started keeping jumping spiders as pets. You might wonder, what is so good about an alien-like creature that often sends chills down the spine. Well, to some people, jumping spiders are adorable. The big beady eyes and the short hairy legs make some people perceive them as cute. Such people want to care for them the same way they would any other pet.

Jumping spiders are generally friendly to humans and as long as you’re gentle with them, nothing will go wrong. Similar to any other animal, they want to feel safe and would flee if threatened. Can you keep this tiny, cute creature as a pet? You can definitely keep a pet jumping spider. Since they are considered friendly, it’s fairly easy to interact with them.

One thing about these particular spiders is that they are very intelligent. They might be small in size but they have their own personalities. You will find some that are shy and will run away from humans while others are simply calm and will only observe you. That’s why they are among the friendliest types of spiders.

They really don’t bite when you handle them gently and with lots of care. And if you happen to get bitten, it won’t be painful because they don’t draw blood. Jumping spiders are easy to please and will love interacting with anyone who has the time.

In that case, if you have been avoiding them thinking they are creepy and poisonous, you had the wrong perception. Jumping spiders can be friendly and even enjoy playing with humans as long as you treat them well. They aren’t social in a similar way to cats and dogs but they sure do have simple and basic emotions. Aside from that, they have good eyesight and are actually curious by nature. In fact, if you pet a jumping spider, you would have the impression of it looking at you. Well, in reality, the spider is observing you.

Keep in mind, if you handle a jumping spider roughly, chances are it will bite you. But in most cases, they prefer to simply run away. This means that if you want a jumping spider to be friendly with you, it’s important to handle them properly and gently.


We can’t dispute that jumping spiders are cute creatures. However, when interacting with them, be gentle and handle them carefully. In return, they will be friendly and enjoy a good pet from you. That said, you should also watch out for bites that can turn out to be painful. But aside from a little sting, you have no reason to worry about a jumping spider harming you. They are too tiny to be harmful or poisonous to humans.